8 Things To Consider When Buying An Above Ground Pool

above ground swimming pools

Although most families think of a swimming pool as a luxury, it is a great way of having fun and making new memories with family and friends.

An in-ground swimming pool may be an expensive investment. However, if one has a tight budget an above ground pool is a great alternative. These pools offer similar benefits just like the in-ground one but at an affordable price.

Even if owning a swimming pool is a fantastic idea, that does not mean that a person has to rush and buy the first one they come across.

Choosing the right one is a big deal, it might not be similar to buying a car, but one has to consider some factors. To help make the right decision below are things that one should keep in mind.

1. Check With The Local Authority If It Is Legal

The first thing a person should do when they want to buy and install an above ground pool is to check with the laws governing their homeowner’s association.

For instance, various neighborhoods own swimming pools but do not permit homeowners to install one in their homesteads.

2. Space

Whether they have a deck or not, pools require ample space, hence an individual must check their lawn and ensure that the available space will comfortably accommodate a swimming pool.

One may require taking some measurements of the area. While measuring a person must include some extra space for the deck if they plan to have one.

3. Size

To find out the size of the pool one should buy, the owner must count the number of individuals they plan to allow in the pool. And with that, they will know the size of the pool they require to purchase.

For people who love partying –each and every weekend- a big pool is the ideal choice. However, for a family, a small-sized one will be just perfect.

4. Shape

The shape of a swimming pool does not impact the fun in anyway. The shape is all about the different taste and preference of the people.

The above ground pools are available in three main shapes: oval, rectangle and circle. If none of these shapes are not fascinating enough one can try a square pool -though they are rare to find.

People tend to associate rectangle pools with lap swimmers, so if the idea is to have lots of fun and create memories the shape is not important.

5. Level Ground

Before the installation, the owner must ensure that the ground is level. When the land is level one does not have to worry about one side of the pool having more water than the other.

If one side has more water, it destroys the support system and leads to a disaster.

6. Is It A DIY Swimming Pool?

When one decides to buy an above ground pool they must know whether they need a permanent or a temporary one.

If the owner does not want to maintain the pool during winter the ideal solution will be to buy an inflatable pool. For an inflatable pool, the owner can install, drain, deflate and store away by themselves.

Other people prefer a permanent pool, mostly if they want to have a deck surrounding it. An a-year-all-round pool is not easy to install. So if the owner does not have the skills he/she may have to hire an expert. It also needs great maintenance.

7. Price

The price of an above ground swimming pool mainly depends on the type one chooses to buy. For instance, a permanent pool such as the Blue Wave Belize is more expensive compared to the Intex Easy Set that one can install and bring down with ease.

Simply put, the majority of people only consider the price. Nevertheless, there is more to buying a pool than just its price. An above ground pool needs chemicals that help to keep the water clean and free of algae.

These chemicals may be cheap, but must be used weekly, mostly during the summer months. So before choosing the right pool, think of the maintenance as well.

8. Pool Warranty

Different pools come with different time warranty. The warranties vary, particularly if the owner decides to buy the permanent or the more expensive swimming pool. One must ensure they check the reviews for the swimming pools they choose to make sure they get the type of warrant they want.


When one does great budgeting, preparation, and planning, it ensures they get exactly what they wanted. Since they are easy to install and less expensive, the above ground pools are the perfect recreational equipment for anyone who has a tight budget and cannot afford the expenses of an in-ground pool. A great review of above ground pools can be found on bestabovegroundpools.org

The above ground pools have simpler maintenance compared to the in-ground pools. They are also available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.


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