First Date tips for men

Most men and women find it difficult to impress someone on their first date. You should not despair because here are nice first date tips on how you can impress your love interest within no time.

If you know how to keep the talk going smoothly and sweet, you do not have to be a charmer to be liked by your date.

First tell her how happy you are to meet her after pulling back a chair for her or bumping in.This will probably warm you two up.

Show her how excited you are by just being around her.Do not hesitate to tell her how great she looks. Going a step further will earn your more points- What makes her look great? Compliment your date about her hair, dress or something else which makes her great. She will be assured that her efforts has been appreciated.

Show that you are interested in her day to day life. You may ask how her day or journey was.This will make the conversation friendly and can open her up to disclose some details which can keep the date moving lightly.

You can talk about something around you which is interesting. Why do you like the place and its services?But avoid talking about those people who are around, unless you want to sound gossipy.

Try to remember some interesting or funny stuff to narrate.However,this should not last for long,unless she presses you for more details.

Dressing properly for the occasion is one of great first date tips.For a casual date,you can put on a pair of jeans if you are a man or nice slacks for women.A more formal date will need something formal to put on.Be sure to highlight the shape of your body.All in all, whatever you are wearing should have been freshly laundered to maintain a clean figure. Be mindful about the fit,colors and you can always ask a friend to assist you choose a fascinating look.

Be sure to attend to your hygiene before the first date.Take a shower,shave or trim your hair before dressing.Spray or moisturize yourself.Remember to brush your teeth.All this are geared towards looking clean and attractive.It will also give you confidence.

It is very important to make proper eye contacts to put yourself and the other person at ease.Proper eye contact is one of the most powerful first date tips.It removes that shyness that is always there at first date and keeps the date moving smoothly.Eye contact is important because it reveals a lot about a person.It signifies honest,confidence and interest.If the other person is giving you a lot of eye contact,you need to reciprocate.If she continues looking at you,she is obviously attracted to you.However,lack of eye contact on her side does not neccesarily mean that she is not interested.You can try to look for other body languages and clues to determine whether she is interested and reciprocate accordingly.

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