How to choose the best comfortable shoes for us ?

From an early age we practice walking, moving, running around when we are locked in shoes. We use them when we are at work, we use them when we walk, we lock them when we go out, go to school, go on a walk or to the gym.

In short, our shoes hang out with us almost everywhere and in most of our waking hours. Therefore, it would not be wise to underestimate the importance of comfortable shoes. Maintaining the comfort component is important not only if you feel some pain in your feet. This is an important habit of life that keeps the body healthy, prevents pain and improves posture.

The trend of high shoes for women has long since been out of proportion. Sometimes it seems that every second woman wants to compete with the other who is wearing a shoe with a higher heel and a thinner heel and “feminine”. In fact, quite a few men’s shoes are now characterized by high heels, sometimes to give them a higher or more elegant look. But what about comfort and health? Is the heel really so important that it is worth talking about so much? We believe that the heel is indeed a very important element, but it is best to dwell on the heels of the legs.

The heel of the foot has a very important role when it comes to movement, walking, running. When a high heel shoe is chosen, when there is an excess of this subject, the body finds it difficult to maintain proper posture and the stability of the entire foot loosens. This affects the entire body. Not for nothing Comfort shoes will have a low heel structure. Thus, avoidance of balance is prevented, thus maintaining the health of the back, thus maintaining the health of the knees, thus preventing unnecessary injuries. Injuries can also occur after years of “getting used” to shoes that are not really comfortable. Therefore, it is not worth compromising.

Aside from low-heeled or lack of heel shoes, it is important that comfort be based on additional elements. For example, it is important that the shoe provides a good grip on the foot. We do not talk about a tight shoe, of course, because it will not be healthy and definitely not good.

The size of the shoe should be slightly larger than the size of the foot, both length and width. There should be a good grip on both the heel and the front. You can definitely choose shoes that provide additional support when needed. This is true, for example, when dealing with a person with a high weight or a leg with a high arch.

It is important to make use not only of comfortable shoes but of those that fit the type and nature of the planned activity. Some models are designed to provide good support for walking. There are some that fit sports activity, with an emphasis on limb shock absorbers. Work shoes should also be comfortable as they are reinforced to protect the leg and prevent injury. In the same way, there are also very comfortable models as hiking boots and undoubtedly there are also very comfortable and healthy models also for children.

The question is how to recognize and feel real comfort? Is it enough to choose a brand that is known and considered acceptable to be healthy, comfortable, orthopedic? Of course, it is important to choose a quality shoe, but it is even more important to lock and experiment. In the store you have to lock both shoes, close them when they are not tight, stand and walk. You can not get a real feeling after sitting alone. The shoe should feel right, provide a comfortable grip, no sense of pressure or discomfort.

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